…from roaster to you, our foil bags are carefully weighed and vacuum-packed ready for shipping or delivery to you, our valued customer….


To roast the highest quality Arabica beans available while educating our customers to the importance of preparing and serving the freshest cup of coffee.


Drinking coffee is an experience and as purveyors of quality specialized coffee, we understand this passion. We strive to provide the highest quality coffee to our customers and community while continuing to maintain fresh and flavorful coffee by roasting daily and only as needed.


Hood River Coffee Roasters is a micro-roaster in technical terms. By definition, and a standard measure used across roasting competitions, a micro-roaster is a coffee roaster that roasts fewer than 100,000 pounds a year. We pride ourselves on a ‘roast to order’ approach, only roasting to match the needs of our customers.

Differentials in weather, air pressure, air density and moisture affect coffee roaster efficiency, just like they affect the efficiency of an automobile or airplane engine. Simplified, this means applying certain mathematical formulas to roasting temperature and time, based on atmospheric conditions will give you consistently roasted coffee beans. At HRCR, we have charts of recipes and utilize computerized roaster settings to control the time and temperature of each individual roast, giving each coffee what we consider a consistent optimum roast.