Since I discovered Hood River Coffee, I don’t buy anything else!  The French Roast that we order is always wonderful and always fresh.  I appreciate that I am not charged shipping when I order 5lbs or more, and also appreciate that my order comes very promptly without fail.

Thank you for your good product and prompt service.


The French Roast/Dark Italian blend from Hood River Coffee Roasters is the finest tasting coffee I have had the pleasure to drink. I do not leave home without it.

Ilene G.

We discovered Hood River Coffee Roasters in 1998 on a visit to Portland, OR. Our hotel served their Mt. Hood Blend and we loved it.  It was robust and flavorful without bitterness and it was not burned. We brought several pounds home with us intending to gift some. We did not gift as much as we intended, and instead enjoyed it so much that when our supply ran out we searched for Hood River Coffee online.

We have been ordering it for over 15 years and it is still our favorite drip coffee as it is roasted to perfection and shipped to us promptly. We try different beans from time to time but Mt. Hood Blend remains our “go to”.  When we have guests, they always ask about our coffee and some of our local tribe have asked me to start ordering for them when I place my orders.  We have been playing with a French press and are getting good results with the Mit Oomph blend. We are not coffee connoisseurs however we do read about it a little. We prefer to drink it and make what we like in the most efficient way. On the other hand, we get about a bit and do pay attention, but we have not run across coffee we like better.

When we travel, the love of our dog and Hood River Coffee Roasters coffee draw us back home. Well, there are our friends, too, but we take them for granted.  We do not take our coffee or our dog for granted.  We remain big fans and are rooting for their success.

Frank and Carol W.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

I first met Mark online in a discussion about customer service at least ten years ago. After I read what he wrote, I knew that Hood River Coffee Roasters would be a pleasure to do business with. Of course, the product had to be high quality too. After my first order, I knew I was hooked. The variety is excellent and the pricing is very competitive, usually a bit less expensive than I would pay elsewhere. I also drink tea on occasion, and I found their teas to be equally excellent. I hesitate to call it a business, as it is obviously a labor of love. On vacation, I found myself in the area and stopped by unannounced. Mark was in the midst of an information exchange with one of his coffee growers who had flown in from Central America. I was impressed by their desire to constantly improve their product. As a small business owner myself, I do find added satisfaction in being able to support another small business rather than a large conglomerate or multinational. It’s not like I have to sacrifice to do so, as I always get a great product at a competitive price with excellent service.

Barry Siegel MD
Memphis, TN

My wife and I have lived as diplomats in coffee producing countries in the Americas and traveled to several countries famous for their coffee.  Perhaps this is why we are demanding about coffee, but not obsessive—no French press, cold brewing, just an ordinary drip coffee maker.  There may be better coffee somewhere, but we never found it.

I began ordering from Hood River Coffee Roasters in 2006, I have never dreamed of getting coffee anywhere else.  When I first ordered from them, I lived in Central Oklahoma, which is not famous for coffee.  I was unhappy with my mail subscription service with a giant coffee company (no prizes for guessing which one) and an East Coast friend recommended Hood River.  I am delighted to pass along the favor and unconditionally recommend Hood River.

Not only do I get great coffee, I get great service.  Having ordered way over 100 pounds of coffee five pounds at a time, with changes of credit cards, addresses, there are been a couple of service snarls.  Those mix ups have proved the value of Hood River’s service.  Lots of companies are good to deal with when everything goes fine.  You have to wait for something to go wrong to find out how a company treats its customers.  With each two or three mix ups over the years, owner Peggy Thompson-Hudon has jumped into action and made things right.  We have never met, but I think of her as a friend.

If you care about coffee and like dealing with merchants who care about their customers, you have no reason to buy coffee anywhere but Hood River Coffee.

Donald R. Hamilton
McLean, Virginia