A Chat with Sixth Street Bistro

An interview with Chris and Stacey, the owners of Sixth Street Bistro.

We sat down to have a chat with Chris and Stacey Cressey, the owners of Sixth Street Bistro in Hood River.

The Pacific Northwest, and Hood River specifically, have the farm to table niche down nicely. With many local options, deciding on some yummy nosh can be a difficult decision. Fortunately, it’s a good problem to have! Here in Hood River, Sixth Street Bistro is a staple for tourists and locals alike. With a laid back feel upstairs at the bar, a more intimate setting downstairs, and plenty of outdoor seating, there’s lots of options to suit anyone stopping by. No matter which setting, the staff is warm and welcoming, and the food is delicious!

Sixth Street originally opened in 1992 but was transitioned over to new owners, Chris and Stacey Cressey, in 2009. The Cresseys had previously worked there for multiple years prior to becoming owners. They saw Sixth Street Bistro as a successful restaurant with a loyal client base, delicious menu items, great staff, and warm atmosphere. With such a great reputation in place, the couple decided to shake things up as little as possible. Instead, they opted to keep the restaurant running the same as before with one small change. The Cresseys wanted to become the familiar faces of the restaurant. As much as possible, Chris and Stacey do their best to interact with each guest who comes through the door.

Just like the general atmosphere, the menu has changed little over the past few years. Regulars can still find old staples or enjoy one of the fresh and ever changing daily specials. All food and drink at Sixth Street are locally sourced when seasonally available. It’s easy to get cozy with the plethora of local beer, wine, and cider, taste Zion Farm greens in the pear and walnut salad, and fill up on the fresh salmon straight from the Columbia River or meat from Mt. Shadow Farm in Dufur. During the winterAn interview with the owner of Sixth Street Bistro in Hood River, OR., greens are still organic but brought up from Southern California or Mexico. Mary’s Chicken travels from Northern California and is truly free-range chicken. The chef, Trent Shelton, loves to make use of all the delicious local ingredients available and has fun creating new daily specials.

The Cresseys really shine when it comes to making guests feel welcome. While chowing down on some fresh grub, they want customers to feel right at home. Behind the scenes, Stacey works with employees on communication and teamwork which in turn translates to a happy and vibrant staff. Chris worked as a bartender for years and loves meeting with diners and will gladly talk mountain biking. You only have to ask and he’ll be more than happy to draw up a map of trails. The couple strive to recognize and welcome their customers and do their best to speak to and thank each person who walks through the door. They love running a restaurant and thrive when it comes to making diners feel welcome.

Sixth Street Bistro stays consistently busy during the summer to cater to all the tourists in town, so they like to extended a little recognition and thanks to loyal locals during the winter with 2 for Tuesdays. That starts the week of Thanksgiving.

Hood River Coffee Roasters is proud to partner with the fantastic folks down at Sixth Street Bistro. Their welcoming vibe and fresh local food really strikes a cord with us. If you’re in town visiting, or haven’t been by in a while, go down to Sixth Street and tell them Hood River Coffee Roasters say, “Hello!”