Las Mujeres Cooperative in Honduras


We are looking for some fresh ideas from you, our customers. We have completed the first goal we set in working with the women of Las Mujeres Cooperativa in La Cañada, Honduras. We would love to hear your ideas for the next phase of our ongoing help. It is important that any further help we give is a “hand up” rather than a “hand out”. It is with this spirit we come into this project in order to help these women help themselves in their future.

Las Mujeres Cooperativa are a motivated group of women coffee roasters in a small village a few hours outside of Santa Barbara, Honduras. Hood River Coffee Roasters has been dedicated to working with these women for a number of years. Our long term goal is to help them improve their knowledge base and create a sustainable livelihood.

Peggy’s first visit was in November of 2010. Two years later, Peggy returned to La Cañada with a group of coffee professionals from the Honduran Coffee Institute (I.H.C.A.F.E.) Using the profits earned from the creation and sale of stylish, repurposed messenger-bags, we were able to purchase an electric coffee huller for the women of La Cañada. With the help of I.H.C.A.F.E., the huller was anchored firmly on the bed of a pick up truck. Peggy and the group traveled the windy and muddy roads to get the new machine into the hands of the women that had only known hulling with a mortar and pestle. Please give it some thought and give us your feedback!