Employee Feature: Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee

Hood River Coffee Roasters owner Peggy Hudon talks about her favorite coffee, Ethiopia Sidamo.

Peggy and Ozzy

Checking in with owner Peggy Thompson about Ethiopia Sidamo, her current favorite cup of coffee.

Hello all! During the coming months, we’ll be featuring different coffee topics with everyone involved at Hood River Coffee Roasters. We hope that it will give you a bit of insight into the business and maybe even tempt you to try a new coffee or brewing method! We’ll give you the quick run-down on Facebook, but feature a more in-depth look on our blog. Make sure you check out both! This month, our brave leader, Peggy Thompson, stepped up to talk Ethiopia Sidamo.

What is your favorite coffee?

Hmmmmm. That’s a tough question. For someone surrounded by coffee 24/7, it can feel like a huge burden to come up with that #1 A+ coffee that surpasses all other coffees. Instead of picking an all time favorite, which would be near impossible, we’ll talk about my current favorite.

Ethiopia Sidamo!

What feelings does a cup of Ethiopia Sidamo evoke?

I enjoy having a cup in the mornings and enjoy the sense of comfort it, like most coffees, brings me. It’s a great match to my typical breakfast fare of blueberries and oranges sprinkled with plump dried cranberries.

To what kinds of coffee do you generally gravitate?

I love the flavor of coffee plus a little of the roasting characteristics shining through more than I like a super deep and dark roast. As a result, I enjoy a medium roast. As for a specific type of coffee, I like a well balanced coffee that has a little brightness, good mouthfeel with depth, and a nice, smooth finish. I find that there are times when I prefer a balanced brew that highlights the strengths of different coffees.

Is this an everyday coffee or only for special occasions?

For me, no coffee is ever for “just special occasions.” Life is too short to drink coffee that isn’t full-on excellent. There are so many coffees to drink that are above and beyond “normal.” If excellent coffee is not available, I prefer to drink tea instead.

What method of preparation do you prefer?

My preferred brewing method changes according to where I am and what I’m doing. When at home, I drink my Ethiopia Sidamo using a Melitta single serve system. It sits directly over the cup and helps me create the freshest brew possible. This morning, however, I broke out my AeroPress and had a delightful Americano style cup. Either way, I prefer to consume both methods black. Finally, at work, I love making a little cappuccino. The added milk and sweeter, denser taste makes me feel like a decadent consumer as I chip away at my day’s work.

Tasting Notes:

Washed Sidamos are typically high quality coffee with unique flavors like lemon and floral, and an ideal balance between acidity and body. Ours presents with savory and milk chocolate with pleasant citrus notes. It has a smooth, soft body, delicate, clean finish, and bright acidity.