Espresso Training

As lovers of espresso, we at Hood River Coffee Roasters care passionately about how you prepare our coffee. As a service to our wholesale accounts, we train staff in the art of espresso making. Enabling your staff to make the best possible drink and developing a culture of pride in your business is our main goal. Knowing how to draw that “god shot” time after time is critical in providing your customer with the perfect espresso based drink.

Call at 1-800-336-2954 to learn more and arrange a class.

“Roasting good coffee is not that hard. Roasting really good coffee is!”

Peggy Thompson – Hood River Coffee Roasters

Roasting is serious business at Hood River Coffee Roasters, because it determines the finished flavor of the beans. And the roasting process is more complex than one might think, combining math and science into a very specialized art.