Learn about the different Arabica coffee varietals available in the world.

Ethiopia-Queen City-HarrarThis posting and others to follow will contain a series of short explanations of the many varietals that come from the species Coffea Arabica that are being grown around the world. Varietals are individual forms of C. Arabica that have been developed by hybridization or mutation.

First on the list are the two “original” varietals, Typica and Bourbon. These 2 varietals have the longest history compared to others that we will discuss. They are the base of many other varietals.

Typica is the mother of all Arabica and was first found in Africa, from most accounts, near Ethiopia. It is from this origin that the Coffea Arabica became known and revered around the world. Although Typica is low yielding, its cup quality is superb, containing a sweetness, sturdy body and clean finish.